12 Times Chrissy Teigen Was #MomGoals

by StyleCaster .
May 12, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

We’ve all come to the same conclusion that Chrissy Teigen can do no wrong — right? Whether she’s going on a hilarious (albeit ruthless) Twitter rant or cooking an elaborate meal with her dreamboat of a sous chef John Legend, she’s basically our inspiration on all fronts. And since welcoming daughter Luna into the world in 2016, our Teigen obsession has pretty much exploded into straight-up fangirl status as we’ve watched her become the ultimate #MomGoals.

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Maybe we’re just having pre-Mother’s Day feels, but Teigen and Luna are a damn cute duo that we can’t seem to get enough of. Carrying her deadpan sarcasm and wit into her new role as a mom, Teigen is open and honest about motherhood, and in only one year, we’ve seen her shoot down angry internet trolls and share the reality (flaws in all) of parenting.

Teigen’s also given us a glimpse into her everyday life with Luna, flooding her Instagram with outrageously cute moments, such as their adventures around the world or their first Halloween. So to honor one of our favorite moms out there, we’ve rounded up 12 of Teigen and Luna’s cutest moments for your viewing pleasure.

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1 /12: Stoop sitters

1/12 :Stoop sitters

"My stoop buddy," she wrote.

2 /12: Moroccan spice

2/12 :Moroccan spice

The duo bundled up in front of a spice market in Morocco.

3/12 :High flyers

I mean, how else would they fly?

4 /12: Luna's first Halloween

4/12 :Luna's first Halloween

That time when Chrissy couldn't decide on just one costume for Luna's first Halloween...

5 /12: Littlest Red Riding Hood

5/12 :Littlest Red Riding Hood

Naturally, she decked Luna out in four costumes.

6 /12: Luna in Wonderland

6/12 :Luna in Wonderland

Each cuter than the next, might we add.

7/12 :Hula girl

Cuteness overload.

8/12 :Sous chef

"I have dreamed of this day!" she captioned.

9 /12: Italian getaway

9/12 :Italian getaway

The pair toted Luna around Montalcino, Italy.

10 /12: Tiny dancer

10/12 :Tiny dancer

On pointe, Chrissy.

11 /12: Trip to the aquarium

11/12 :Trip to the aquarium

Teigen and Luna at the Houston Aquarium.

12 /12: In her eyes

12/12 :In her eyes

A toothy (and mirror reflection of John Legend) Luna in her mom's glasses.