10 Baby Products New Moms Are Obsessed With

by Cristina Velocci
May 1, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Ask any first-time expectant mom what she finds most daunting about preparing for parenthood, and she'll likely tell you it's not how she's going to get the tiny human growing inside her body out into the world (nature usually handles that), but rather what gear she actually needs to take care of her newborn once the little one arrives.

I should know as someone who's in her third trimester and had a tearful breakdown the first time I stepped into a Buy Buy Baby. After cursing Graco for making 157 variations of its popular Pack 'n Play (not hyperbole), I pulled myself together and did the logical thing: I emailed every woman I know who'd given birth in the last couple of years and begged them for their most essential baby gear recommendations.

Once I started to parse through all of their sage advice, certain patterns started to crystallize. Despite there being thousands of baby products on the market, a handful of items kept cropping up as must-haves from nearly all of the new moms I spoke to. While I haven't had the opportunity to try them myself — that day will come in June — at least I can feel confident about adding these products to my registry knowing that they've all earned a stamp of approval from those who know best.

Click through to see 10 baby products that are universally loved by new moms and hear firsthand from them why they're so great.

1 /10: Keekaroo Peanut changing pad

1/10 :Keekaroo Peanut changing pad

Unlike traditional changing pads, which are made of cloth and require a cover (plus a waterproof liner to protect said cover from inevitable messes), this impermeable innovation is all you need for Baby's frequent diaper swaps. "It’s more expensive than other changing pads but super-durable," says one Virginia mom. "You only have to wipe it with a disinfecting wipe when there’s an accident, of which there will be many."

Keekaroo Peanut changing pad in sable (Giggle, $129.95)

2 /10: Aden + Anais classic swaddles

2/10 :Aden + Anais classic swaddles

While these crazy popular muslin blankets are made for swaddling, moms love them for their endless versatility as burp cloths, stroller covers and more. "You cannot have enough," says one Florida mom. "Line them everywhere: on your swing sets, your bouncers, your bassinet, your stroller. Babies spit up a ton and are just generally spewing fluid from lots of crevices. This way, your stuff is protected and your baby is comfy and cozy."

Aden + Anais x Zutano Pup in Tow Classic swaddles (Aden + Anais, $54.95)

3 /10: NoseFrida

3/10 :NoseFrida

Since babies aren't capable of clearing their own nasal passages, you're going to have to do it for them. Traditionally, that's been accomplished with a bulb syringe — until this widely heralded aspirator hit the market, offering a more seamless, sanitary option with disposable filters. "Be very careful with the bulb," cautions the Florida mom I spoke to. "It harbors bacteria and mold since there's no real way to clean it."

Fridababy NoseFrida The SnotSucker (Fridababy, $15.99)

4 /10: Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock 'n Play Sleeper

4/10 :Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock 'n Play Sleeper

"This was literally the only thing our daughter would sleep in for her first couple weeks of life," says a New York City mom, echoing a common refrain we heard about this bouncing recliner. "It's portable and so easy to move around, unlike bulky swings, and it has a calming vibration. I will say it's not meant for sleeping, but it's fine for newborns since they only nap a couple hours at a time."

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Rock 'n Play Sleeper (Amazon, $74.99)

5 /10: Pampers Swaddlers diapers

5/10 :Pampers Swaddlers diapers

Serious question: Do parents buy any other kinds of diapers these days? Based on what I've seen and heard, I'm lead to believe the answer is no. "These were the best diapers we used — most people recommend them," confirms the Virginia mom. Perhaps selling points such as a color-changing wetness indicator and contoured umbilical notch have something to do with it.

Pampers Swaddlers diapers (Walmart, $24.94 for 100)

6 /10: Boppy Newborn Lounger

6/10 :Boppy Newborn Lounger

This oversize recessed pillow provides a safe place to put Baby down without taking up too much space. "Best. Thing. Ever," raves a Connecticut mom. "Our first-born hated to not be held or be right next to me. I could put her on this lounger and she was good in my bed, on the couch — anywhere."

Boppy Newborn Lounger (Boppy, $30)

7 /10: Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

7/10 :Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

While the jury's still out on whether there's any discernable difference between the tried-and-true classic and this baby-specific version (aside from the cute packaging), one thing's for certain: Everyone's favorite all-purpose ointment is a must on Baby's changing table. "Aquaphor is amazing," gushes one California mom. "I use it for everything: after diapering, on his body, for rashes on his face."

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment (Target, $12.79)

8 /10: Baby K'tan original carrier

8/10 :Baby K'tan original carrier

While most infant slings aren't the most intuitive items to assemble (just watch any of the panic-inducing video tutorials on YouTube to see what we mean), this pre-made wrap takes much of the fear and guesswork out of the equation. "With the K’tan, you don’t have to do all that complicated folding," explains our Virginia mom. "A lot of times early on, our daughter didn’t want to be put down, so I’d put her in the wrap and she would fall asleep so I could get some stuff done."

Baby K'tan baby carrier (Buy Buy Baby, $49.99)

9 /10: Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns

9/10 :Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns

There are pretty much two reasons new moms give this ultra-gentle foaming shampoo their vote of approval: "It smells amazing and helps with cradle cap, aka baby dandruff," sums up our Virginia mom.

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns (Walgreens, $12.50)

10 /10: Gerber flatfold white Birdseye cloth diapers

10/10 :Gerber flatfold white Birdseye cloth diapers

Sure, it might be tempting to buy those cute patterned burp cloths you'll find in any baby boutique, but real moms know there's an even better (and cheaper!) solution you won't mind having ruined by post-feeding messes. "Gerber cloth diapers are the only burp cloths you need," says the Connecticut mom. "Lots and lots of them."

Gerber flatfold white Birdseye cloth diapers (Walmart, $12.34)