Must-Haves for the Multitasking Mom

by Megan Zander
Mar 19, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Are you doing everything all the time? Here are some items to help you get more done with what little time you have. 

1 /19: One-line-a-day journal

1/19 :One-line-a-day journal

This one-memory-per-day diary is perfect for the mom who doesn’t have time to commit to full-blown journaling. (Barnes & Noble, $16)

2 /19: Split end hair cream

2/19 :Split end hair cream

For the busy mom who’s always trying to find the time for a trim, this split end camouflage cream lets you get away with moving that appointment to next week or the week after. (White Sand Products, $30)

3 /19: Car seat handle pad

3/19 :Car seat handle pad

A padded car seat handle prevents you from destroying your forearms when you’re hauling both baby and groceries in from the car. (Amazon, $16)

4 /19: Tiger sheet mask

4/19 :Tiger sheet mask

This fun tiger face sheet mask lets her pamper herself and entertain the kids at the same time. (Target, $4)

5 /19: Phone charger bracelet

5/19 :Phone charger bracelet

This sleek bracelet that doubles as an iPhone charger is both practical and pretty. (Q Designs, $149)

6 /19: Good-for-you chocolates

6/19 :Good-for-you chocolates

These homeopathic chocolates can help you calm down, fall asleep or soothe sore muscles, making your chocolate addiction a habit that’s good for you. (Good Day Chocolate, $36 for 12 boxes)

7 /19: Teeny-tiny booster seat

7/19 :Teeny-tiny booster seat

This super-small booster seat makes airport travel or switching cars on a busy day a breeze. (Mifold, $45)

8 /19: All-in-one makeup palette

8/19 :All-in-one makeup palette

This organic makeup palette makes it easy to pull a look together on the go without having to haul around a bunch of products. (Vapour Organic Beauty, $46)

9 /19: Powder sunscreen

9/19 :Powder sunscreen

There’s no excuse for unwanted UVAs with this powder sunscreen you can brush on alone or over makeup. (Colorescience, $128 for a pack of three)

10 /19: Hand soap with lotion

10/19 :Hand soap with lotion

Between diapers and food prep, moms wash their hands all day long. This hand soap with built-in lotion helps keep your hands from becoming sandpaper. (Target, $2)

11 /19: Personalized sticker labels

11/19 :Personalized sticker labels

Rather than reaching for the marker every few weeks, these name label stickers last through the washing machine, dishwasher and microwave. (Name Bubble, prices vary)

12 /19: Waterproof notepad

12/19 :Waterproof notepad

A waterproof notepad for the shower is great for jotting things down when it’s finally quiet enough to hear yourself think. (Amazon, $8)

13 /19: No-tip stroller bag

13/19 :No-tip stroller bag

This reusable shopping bag won’t make the stroller tip over when you put things in it. (Amazon, $20)

14 /19: Cutting board with prep bowl

14/19 :Cutting board with prep bowl

Chop and drop without fear of tripping over the little munchkins underfoot with this cutting board with built-in prep bowl. (Bed, Bath & Beyond, $177)

15 /19: Chemical-free cleaning cloths

15/19 :Chemical-free cleaning cloths

These cleaning cloths work with only water, so you can hold a baby and clean at the same time without worrying about chemicals. (e-cloth, $8 and up)

16 /19: Wet bag

16/19 :Wet bag

A wet bag is great to have in the diaper bag for after swim class or when dealing with those epic diaper blowouts (Amazon, $9)

17 /19: Two-sided snack box

17/19 :Two-sided snack box

This snack box lets you pack two foods at once, so no more meltdowns when they want salty but all you have is sweet. (Amazon, $10)

18 /19: Faucet extender

18/19 :Faucet extender

This faucet extender lets toddlers wash their hands independently, taking one thing off your to-do list. (Amazon, $4)

19 /19: Instant sippy cup

19/19 :Instant sippy cup

This spout turns any water bottle into a sippy cup for thirsty kids when you’re out and about. (Walmart, $3)