25 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Mar 8, 2018 at 6:50 p.m. ET
earbuds, toys and stainless steel water bottle
Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows

Have the premade Easter baskets started popping up at your local grocery store/Target/what have you? Probably. Some are filled with chocolate only. Others are stuffed with cheap toys and dolls you know kids will tire of fast — and many are arbitrarily (and obnoxiously) gender-specific. Take our advice: Ditch these baskets. Instead, make your own tailored to exactly what your kids — be they tots or tweens or teens — actually want and like. Oh, and what you can actually afford. 

From the unique and the trendy to the fun and functional, your kids definitely won't expect the Easter Bunny to be this cool. Plus, these legit Easter basket gifts will look really nice next to all that fake (or hey, if you're ambitious, real) grass and those tie-dyed eggs. 

So read ahead and shop on. We've organized this basket gift guide by age — from younger kids up to teens.

A version of this article was originally published in April 2017.

1/23 :Kinetic Sand

2/23 :Shower Squids

3 /23: Hexbug Nano Nitro 5-Pack

3/23 :Hexbug Nano Nitro 5-Pack

4/23 :Unique Legos

5/23 :Custom-Made Toy

6/23 :Colored Bath Drops

7/23 :Hatchimals

8/23 :DIY Kaleidoscope

9/23 :Next-Level Rubik's Cube

10/23 :Desktop Drum Set

11/23 :Scratch Map

12/23 :Bacon Bandages

13/23 :Nail Art Kit

14/23 :Polaroid Camera

15/23 :Box of Questions

16/23 :Gel Pens

17/23 :Game of Phones

18/23 :Portable Charger

19/23 :Yoga Joes

20 /23: 'Carve the Mark' by Veronica Roth

20/23 :'Carve the Mark' by Veronica Roth

21 /23: Stainless Steel Water Bottle

21/23 :Stainless Steel Water Bottle

22 /23: Laptop & Phone Stickers

22/23 :Laptop & Phone Stickers

23 /23: If You Love It, Pin It!

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Image: SheKnows

23/23 :If You Love It, Pin It!