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10 things new moms need (besides a good night’s sleep)

If you’re a new mom, you need a lot — both for baby and for you. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the time (or the energy) to make a thousand trips to the store. Take our advice and buy in bulk — you’ll thank us later. With a Sam’s Club membership, you can get all these mom must-haves and more in shareable sizes and warehouse prices. Plus, if you join today, you can save 50 percent off the annual $45 price for a Sam’s Club Savings Membership with this limited time offer. As a member, you’ll enjoy the ease of shopping through club pickup, Scan & Go and subscriptions, plus you get free shipping on select baby items — so no one has to change out of their jammies. 

*Pricing and item availability may vary by Sam’s Club location and in Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Wisconsin and on

This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club. 

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