Gorgeous photos of sleeping parents-to-be will become a book

by Monica Beyer
Apr 13, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Jana Romanova photographed young Russian couples on the brink of new parenthood, and her Indiegogo project to make the photos into a book has been quite successful.

1 /11: Parents-to-be

1/11 :Parents-to-be

She arranged to visit early in the morning and photograph them while they were sleeping.

2 /11: Slumbering

2/11 :Slumbering

The project began almost by accident after she photographed some friends, who were expecting their first baby, while they slept.

3 /11: Beautiful perspective

3/11 :Beautiful perspective

She admits that after she photographed her friends and then her friends' friends, it became more difficult to find agreeable subjects.

4 /11: Waiting for new life

4/11 :Waiting for new life

Usually people thought she was crazy. But those who didn't got a beautiful keepsake of this special time.

5 /11: A sneak peek into sleep

5/11 :A sneak peek into sleep

Those who participated had to agree to let her into their home while they slept, and they had to remain asleep while she climbed a ladder... and waited.

6 /11: That perfect moment

6/11 :That perfect moment

She says that waiting for that perfect moment was an exercise she wasn't expecting.

7 /11: Special moments

7/11 :Special moments

She says that holding a camera above her head is no small feat and that she worried she'd drop her equipment on the unsuspecting couple.

8 /11: Pets and the family

8/11 :Pets and the family

She also noted that cats sometimes became combative with her or her camera, and admits she lost a fight or two with the family pet.

9 /11: Unexpected dangers

9/11 :Unexpected dangers

Another time, she shared, the partner of the pregnant woman forgot she was coming over and woke up in surprise to see her over the couple's bed. Fortunately he fell back asleep after being reassured that it was normal.

10 /11: A bigger story

10/11 :A bigger story

As she went through her photos, she realized they also tell a story about modern Russia from the perspective of those who were born before the fall of the Soviet Union.

11 /11: Beautiful and intimate

11/11 :Beautiful and intimate

In addition to supporting the project, you can preorder Waiting, art prints, a set of postcards or a few other amazing supporter rewards.