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9 brands making kids’ clothes so cool, we’d wear them ourselves

For as long as I can remember, childrenswear has meant sparkly pink T-shirts and frilly dresses for girls, sporty hoodies and blue jeans for boys. For style-conscious parents looking for something a little less, well, cute that would still appeal to the under-12 set, options were few and far between. But then, in recent years, a couple funny things happened: millennials started having kids, Instagram made us all more aesthetically-minded in every area of our lives, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became poster-parents for a new wave of dressing kids less like they rolled out of the Fisher-Price catalog and more like small, stylish adults (within appropriate limits, of course).

And—what do you know?—kids’ clothes finally started getting cool.

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Now, not only do parents have the choice of mass brands like Gap Kids, J.Crew’s Crewcuts, and H&M Kids (all solid choices, BTW), they can also find smaller, independent labels catering to less traditional tastes. Looking for a unisex wardrobe for your gender-nonconforming tween? There’s a line for that. How about a black-and-white outfit that’ll make your two-year-old look like a mini Pharrell? Yep, totally doable. Of course, not all of this comes cheap—smaller-batch production and higher-quality materials mean higher prices, generally speaking—but for those who can afford it, a greater range of options is always welcome.

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In the slideshow, we’re taking a look at nine of the coolest newcomers to the childrenswear market in the past few years—all of whom make clothes you may just want to not-so-secretly steal for yourself.


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