14 cheap yet awesome baby shower gifts

by Monica Beyer
Nov 8, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Parents-to-be often add pricey gifts to their registries, and it's hard to not pick out the best and the brightest for the baby on the way. That doesn't mean, though, that baby shower guests have to buy all the spendy stuff to give an expecting parent a thoughtful quality gift. These baby shower gifts won't break the bank, and they'll still bring the smiles.

1 /14: Bath gift set

1/14 :Bath gift set

Bath product gift sets are a great idea for a baby shower because they allow the parents-to-be to try out a few items. We love Burt's Bees for its great scents and the fact that it's gentle enough for most babies. (Amazon, $15)

2 /14: Baby towel

2/14 :Baby towel

Hooded baby towels are practical, and this one from IKEA is super-cute. (IKEA, $8)

3 /14: Sleepers

3/14 :Sleepers

Babies need tons of sleepers, and they can wear them all day long. Nobody cares if a baby wears a sleeper all day, especially not when they're this cute. Lucky babies. (Amazon, $13)

4 /14: Board book gift set

4/14 :Board book gift set

Sure, the new baby probably won't come out of the womb wanting to look at books (if they did, that'd be a little weird and also great), but a cute board book gift set is one thing that will keep on giving as Baby grows up. This set comes with three timeless classics from Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle. With thick, gnawable pages for teething while reading. (Amazon, $15)

5 /14: Muslin swaddles

5/14 :Muslin swaddles

Parents love the softness of these versatile Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets. Buy these smaller (but still generous) versions in a four-pack from Target. They're cheaper than the full-size packs but just as perfect for swaddling, for use as a light blanket or nursing cover and just about anything else. (Target, $35)

6 /14: Bath toys

6/14 :Bath toys

Baby washcloths and ordinary toys are fine, but these unique critters from Soapsox are awesome. They're plush delights that are perfect for playtime and can go directly into the tub for even more fun. Best yet? They're machine-washable. (Buy Buy Baby, $13)

7 /14: Diapers

7/14 :Diapers

Instead of buying a ton of newborn-size diapers, buy sizes two or three for down the road when the newborn stash runs out and Baby grows up. No need to worry about investing in fancy brands: Target's Up & Up are tops with parents. (Target, $29)

8 /14: Receiving blankets

8/14 :Receiving blankets

Standard receiving blankets are always a big hit, and at 10 bucks for four, you really can't go wrong. These are smaller than muslin swaddlers, but still have loads of uses. (Target, $10)

9 /14: Portable changing pad

9/14 :Portable changing pad

Portable changing pads are awfully cute these days. This one from JJ Cole looks like a trendy clutch, but it's so much more. (Amazon, $15)

10 /14: Toy gift pack

10/14 :Toy gift pack

Babies don't need toys right away, but when they do, moms and dads are going to appreciate having something ready to throw in the diaper bag. Toy gift sets like this one help build a stash of baby toys. (Amazon, $34)

11 /14: Sippy cups

11/14 :Sippy cups

Lots of people buy baby bottles for baby showers. You don't need to be like those people. Think outside the box and grab some useful (and cute!) sippy cups, like these from Kid Basix. (Amazon, $13)

12 /14: Freezer tray for baby food

12/14 :Freezer tray for baby food

Buying baby food is fine, but making it ensures Baby gets exactly what you want. This quality freezer tray is perfect for parents who can't wait to purée their own baby feasts. (Amazon, $15)

13 /14: Outlet covers

13/14 :Outlet covers

It's hard to believe that it happens so fast, but soon their little one will be exploring their home — and all its dangers. Help them keep their baby safe with these fancy outlet covers. (Buy Buy Baby, $10)

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