13 Outside-the-Box Baby Shower Themes

by Claire Gillespie
Jan 25, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET

The baby shower, aka the practice of lavishing endless gifts on a mother-to-be and her unborn child, may have started in middle- and upper-class American families in the early 1900s, but it has now caught on around the world. (I've been to two in the U.K. in the past year, and we're not generally known for this sort of thing.) Hosting a shower is not by any means a prerequisite to parenthood — yep, you can be a stellar parent without registering for gifts first. But it can be fun, and it can also help expecting parents find themselves — over the course of one short afternoon — well-armed with an entire newborn wardrobe, every baby gadget under the sun and enough diapers to see them through the first six months. But like every Instagram-able social event, any baby shower tends to have a plan — and a theme. 

Whether you're planning your own shower or relying on a friend to do it for you, these creative and quirky baby shower theme ideas will provide some stellar inspiration. Plus, with a theme this unique, you know you won't end up with the same baby shower your cousin had last week.  

1/13 :'Harry Potter'

Celebrate the forthcoming arrival of your little Muggle with Hogwarts invites, alcohol-free butterbeer and Ferrero Rocher disguised as golden snitches. Fake glasses optional. 

2/13 :Owls

Speaking of Harry Potter... These animals are much sweeter on cookies and banners than they are in real life. Owls make a cute and easy shower theme for a baby of any sex.

3 /13: La Belle France

3/13 :La Belle France

Ooh la la! So much good stuff comes out of France: chocolate, cheese, baguettes... and even stylish Parisian cake pops. Guests can even regale the little one with Tintin, Madeline and Le Petit Prince board books.

4 /13: 'Stars Wars'

4/13 :'Stars Wars'

Geeky parents will adore this epic theme. Don't forget the "I Am Your Father" or "I Am Your Mother" tees.


5 /13: 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

5/13 :'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

You might be faced with more breakfasts at IHOP once Baby is born, but until then, make like Holly Golightly and enjoy a baby shower filled with croissants and the classic Tiffany colors. Bonus points if you wear black and pearls.

6/13 :Pink & black

Pink vs. blue is so over. For a classy gathering, go for pink and black. (Ask your guests to color-coordinate their outfits to take this one to town.)

7 /13: The Greatest Show Before Birth

7/13 :The Greatest Show Before Birth

Get it? The greatest show on Earth? Maybe skip the clown, but go mad on popcorn, lollipops, fairground rides, tickets, feather boas and ribbons for a fun circus-themed baby shower. 

8 /13: 'Peter Pan'

8/13 :'Peter Pan'

Having a baby might actually mean having to grow up after all, but you can enjoy your very own Neverland just for a day. 

9 /13: Lil' pumpkin

9/13 :Lil' pumpkin

For anyone due in the fall, a pumpkin theme is a no-brainer. Pumpkins with pacifiers? Come on

10/13 :'Game of Thrones'

Toast the imminent arrival with jeweled goblets and come up with as many "House of Stork" puns as you can. And if you name your baby Winter, well... then you've really won. 

11/13 :Mustaches

Yep, this is a weird one. What is it about mustaches and baby showers? No idea, but somehow bristly facial hair inspires cute, whimsical celebrations aplenty.

12/13 :Rustic

OK, if all of the aforementioned ideas are just too wacky for you, look no further than basically all of Pinterest for tips on putting together a classic rustic-themed baby shower with a crafty, laid-back, hip vibe. Still cool, just not too out-there.

13/13 :Pin it!

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