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13 Outside-the-Box Baby Shower Themes

The baby shower, aka the practice of lavishing endless gifts on a mother-to-be and her unborn child, may have started in middle- and upper-class American families in the early 1900s, but it has now caught on around the world. (I’ve been to two in the U.K. in the past year, and we’re not generally known for this sort of thing.) Hosting a shower is not by any means a prerequisite to parenthood — yep, you can be a stellar parent without registering for gifts first. But it can be fun, and it can also help expecting parents find themselves — over the course of one short afternoon — well-armed with an entire newborn wardrobe, every baby gadget under the sun and enough diapers to see them through the first six months. But like every Instagram-able social event, any baby shower tends to have a plan — and a theme. 

Whether you’re planning your own shower or relying on a friend to do it for you, these creative and quirky baby shower theme ideas will provide some stellar inspiration. Plus, with a theme this unique, you know you won’t end up with the same baby shower your cousin had last week.  

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