21 Halloween Costume Ideas for Expecting Mothers

by Danielle Agoglia
Sep 11, 2017 at 2:50 p.m. ET

It's the same deal every year. Come September, the gears start turning as we try to come up with the perfect Halloween costume. Before we know it, it's Oct. 30, and still no costume. Behold: procrastination at its best (or worst). And if you're pregnant, it can be very tempting to procrastinate this particular chore until... forever.

Luckily, gone are the days when you were supposed to keep the baby bump under wraps. Pregnancy photo shoots and actually-kind-of-cute maternity clothes are everywhere these days, and showing off your body's amazing ability to create life is no different at Halloween. In fact, having a bun in the oven actually lends itself to some clever costume ideas. 

From plays on words to pop culture icons, we found the preggo inspo you need this Halloween. So don't consider your burgeoning bump an obstacle to a great Halloween costume; consider it the basis for one. Check out our list of 21 costume ideas that showcase your growing belly — or, um, family. 

Originally published September 2016. Updated September 2017.

1/21 :Mummy

The easiest play on words, and perfect for Halloween.

2/21 :Kanga & Roo

This is a cute idea for expecting moms, or you could definitely dress a toddler as Roo.

3 /21: Avocado

3/21 :Avocado

Avocados are having a moment, and this costume will let you and your belly have yours.

4 /21: Bun in the oven

4/21 :Bun in the oven

This sweet idea also works great as a couples costume. 

5 /21: Witches' brew

5/21 :Witches' brew

Are you cooking up a baby, perhaps? 

6 /21: Gumball machine

6/21 :Gumball machine

This costume is an easy DIY with colored cotton balls from the craft store. 

7 /21: Winnie the Pooh

7/21 :Winnie the Pooh

This costume will let the world know your belly is filled with something sweet. 

8 /21: Fried egg

8/21 :Fried egg

A yellow shirt and some large white paper are all you need to turn you and your belly into a delicious fried egg.

9 /21: Chuck & Wilson!

9/21 :Chuck & Wilson!

Another great couples' costume, Wilson the volleyball is the perfect shape.

10 /21: Bump in the road

10/21 :Bump in the road

With this costume, everyone is sure to see your "bump in the road."

11 /21: Juno & Bleeker

11/21 :Juno & Bleeker

A classic movie costume that's even better when you really are pregnant.

12 /21: Baseball & umpire

12/21 :Baseball & umpire

A great idea for baseball fans. (Just change the team to your favorite.)

13 /21: Oyster & pearl

13/21 :Oyster & pearl

Because your little one is sure to be as rare as a pearl, right?

14 /21: 'Monsters, Inc.'

14/21 :'Monsters, Inc.'

"Miiiiiiike Wazowski?" 

15 /21: Thing 1 & Thing 2

15/21 :Thing 1 & Thing 2

You can be two things in one with this costume. 

16 /21: Octomom

16/21 :Octomom

This is a cute idea — even if you're only expecting one baby.

17 /21: Skeleton family

17/21 :Skeleton family

We're all the same on the inside, right?

18 /21: Belly baller

18/21 :Belly baller

A pretty ballin' costume.

19 /21: Miley Cyrus & her wrecking ball

19/21 :Miley Cyrus & her wrecking ball

You don't have to dress like Miley Cyrus to wear this costume. 

20 /21: Housewife & milkman

20/21 :Housewife & milkman

Snarky '50s jokes in costume form never fail.

21 /21: Prego sauce

21/21 :Prego sauce

Another perfect play on words.