Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for When Your Kid Needs a Cute Last-Minute Costume

by Claire Gillespie
Oct 2, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Easy Halloween Face Painting for Kids That Make for Perfect Last-Minute Costumes
Image: Inti St Clair/Getty Images

Fall is my favorite time of year, but October is beyond hectic. Besides the fact that I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things for the new school year, there's also the whole Halloween madness thing. As a parent, I'm somehow supposed to decorate the house, stock up on candy and — the trickiest of all — execute pro-looking Halloween costumes for all of my kids. Who has time for all that?

And when 'Procrastination' is your middle name (I'm calling myself out here), chances are you too will be left trying to pull off a cute getup for your children at the eleventh hour. No pressure, right?

If you've got a little makeup and some creativity, however, you can pull off a cute costume in a snap. These super-simple Halloween face-painting looks are perfect for when you're pressed for time.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated October 2017.

1/17 :Captain America

You'll get an A for this quick, easy Captain America mask. 

2/17 :Leopard

Leopard print doesn't have to be perfect — it'll still look grrrrreat. 

3/17 :Bumblebee

This design can be easily adapted if the child asks for a butterfly. 

4/17 :Oompa Loompa

An Oompa Loompa is perfect for your little Roald Dahl fan, and it couldn't be an easier look to achieve.

5/17 :Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse: minimum effort, maximum cuteness. 

6/17 :Vampire

It's all about the eyebrows for your mini vampire this Halloween. 

7/17 :Pokémon

Pokémon know you've got to catch them all — all the Halloween treats, that is.

8 /17: Spotty dog

Easy Halloween Face Painting for Kids That Make for Perfect Last-Minute Costumes
Image: Hyawatta/Getty Images

8/17 :Spotty dog

A white base and black patches make for a fabulous spotty dog. 

9 /17: Doll face

Easy Halloween Face Painting for Kids That Make for Perfect Last-Minute Costumes
Image: Taken By Katie Swift, Dayton, Ohio Www.liveroygbiv.com/Moment/Getty Images

9/17 :Doll face

Exaggeration is key for a doll face. Equal parts cute and creepy — isn't that what Halloween is all about?

10/17 :Fawn

Add a touch of glitter for a glam take on Bambi. 

11/17 :Vampiress

If you've got enough hair to work with, you don't even need a wig; simply paint on a hairline worthy of any vampire gal.

12/17 :Wonder Woman

If you can draw a star, you can create a winning Wonder Woman look. 

13 /17: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

13/17 :Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

The TMNT facepaint is unmistakable (just make sure the mask color matches your child's favorite turtle).  

14/17 :Iron Man

It only takes a few minutes to give Iron Man his all-important mask. 

15/17 :Stormtrooper

Perfect for the Star Wars buff in the family. 

16/17 :Superman

Once you've mastered the "S" (and you can print it from the internet and trace it to make it super-simple), you'll have Superman nailed. 

17/17 :Angry Bird

It's not difficult to create an Angry Bird with thick black lines and simple shapes.