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The Worst Halloween Kids’ Costumes, Period

While it’s true that Halloween is the best holiday, it also comes with some of the worst costumes. After all, what makes Halloween great is its duality; adults get to conquer our fear of death by poking fun at it, and kids get to show off their fandom for particular characters from their favorite shows, movies, and books. But all that light-hearted celebration should not come at someone else’s expense. When people dress up or dress their children in offensive, inappropriate Halloween costumes, they’re never just “in good fun” if they’re hurting someone else.

We’ve heard some people complain about how “PC” the rules are when it comes to Halloween costumes now. Since when is it political to make another child feel marginalized, disrespected, or ridiculed? And yes, we know that neighborhoods were once filled with kids dressed as cowboys and Indians, hobos, geishas, and the like on Halloween. But that doesn’t mean those costumes weren’t hurting people then. It’s just that we weren’t talking about it. Now that people have spoken up, how can you ignore them?

Cultures, hardships, and religions are not a costume. Period. If you didn’t get the memo on blackface, brownface, and yellowface, how are you even on this website? And guess what? There are SO many other children’s Halloween costumes you can choose instead, and your kid will be every bit as happy about them!

Maybe we’re preaching to the choir here, and you already share our opinion on how absolutely repulsive it is that someone would dress their child up as a Confederate soldier or general. In which case, we know you just want to see which really awful inappropriate children’s costumes we’ve managed to unearth. Well, enjoy this mildly nauseating stroll through the dark recesses of children’s costume makers’ imaginations.

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