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The 16 most brilliant things moms have ever done to get their kids to behave

Most moms don’t have an overabundance of rules, no matter what our kids might think. Generally we just want them to take care of themselves, their chores and other people. Still, there’s something of a learning curve, which is how we end up doing things like pleading, yelling, purchasing cases of wine and hiding alone in various closets. 

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to get kids to adhere to whatever rules we’ve set out for them, no matter how basic they are, like keep your armpits clean, and maybe don’t punch your sister so often. Lots of people call it a “power struggle,” but that can seem like an understatement. “Battle of wits” is more like it. And when it comes to long-term strategy, these moms have got the upper hand.

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