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25 Baby Products That Are More Than a Tad Strange — & a Total Waste of Money

Another day, another dollar, another dream… and another freaking totally out there baby product. Look, we can totally appreciate a creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit — but, to us, there are just so many crazy weird products geared towards babies and new parents that should never have been put on the market.

And the worst part is that companies seem to be preying on the fact that most new parents’ nesting instinct might be telling them to buy anything and everything that could possibly make this parenting gig easier. But trust us when we say nobody — nobody — needs every weird product out there.

Click through to see what we’re talking about. Don’t buy any of this crap! Save your money for the things that you are really going to need, like diapers, food and coffee. The caffeine will set you free.

Originally published September 2016. Updated August 2017.

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