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Manage mischief with epic Harry Potter crafts for kids

Let’s face it; if you’ve got a little Harry Potter fan at home (or you really wish you’d gone to Hogwarts yourself), this is a very good time to be alive. After years without any word from Hogwarts, we now have a new book on our hands. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts I and II is a written version of the stage play by the same name, and it hits shelves July 31. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are all coming back, along with a cast of other favorite characters. 

So how does one celebrate, besides picking up a copy? Well, you might want to double dip at the bookstore, because this month has also brought America The Unofficial Guide To Crafting The World Of Harry Potter, a book from Jamie Harrington, the crafty blogger and Harry Potter aficionado behind Totally The Bomb

Harrington serves up dozens of Potterific ideas, from shirts you can tie-dye into house colors (yes, even Slytherin) to pencil wands. We asked her to tell us how she made two of our favorites — our very own Mirror of Erised and Marauder’s Map cups (yes, they really do get to watch mischief managed). 

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