21 Badass Moms Show What It's Like to Breastfeed 2 Kids at Once

by Molly Ade
Aug 1, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Mamas, this week is all about you and your love and dedication to your little ones. We're so grateful World Breastfeeding Week exists, because nursing is certainly something that needs to be celebrated.

As anyone who has done it knows, breastfeeding one baby alone isn't always a stroll through the park, so to some, breastfeeding two children at once sounds overwhelming. But throwing two babies into the mix is a challenge these moms are taking on with grace. They've managed to strike a balance, and they've done it so beautifully that just the sight of watching them is truly a work of art.

They've captured their tandem breastfeeding efforts in pictures so gorgeous, we just had to share.

Originally posted August 2016. Updated August 2017.

1 /21: The connection

1/21 :The connection

Those sweet little eyes perfectly showcase the connection nursing can help create.

2 /21: Vacation snack

2/21 :Vacation snack

Big adventures means big appetites, even for babies.

3 /21: Green goddess

3/21 :Green goddess

So that's what glowing looks like.

4 /21: Three's company

4/21 :Three's company

"What do you mean it's not my turn yet?"

5 /21: Black and white smiles

5/21 :Black and white smiles

You're smiling too, admit it.

6 /21: From above

6/21 :From above

Really, any angle is great.

7 /21: Feeding's greetings

7/21 :Feeding's greetings


8 /21: On the water

8/21 :On the water

Try not to love this, we dare you. It's impossible.

9 /21: Flower children

9/21 :Flower children

So peaceful.

10 /21: Lounging around

10/21 :Lounging around

If only we could bottle these moments.

11 /21: Out and about

11/21 :Out and about

Babies love dining al fresco too!

12 /21: Giggle while you feed

12/21 :Giggle while you feed

Try not to smile at those faces.

13 /21: Babies of all ages

13/21 :Babies of all ages

Showing the little one how it's done.

14/21 :Flowery field

The birds, the bees, the babies.

15/21 :Sunny meals

How sweet!

16 /21: Pajama party

16/21 :Pajama party

A nap is only inches away.

17 /21: Family picnic

17/21 :Family picnic

Sorry, guys! No potato salad for you yet.

18 /21: Double duty, double fun

18/21 :Double duty, double fun

An eating buddy is always welcome.

19 /21: Breastfeeding and a hug

19/21 :Breastfeeding and a hug

Because who doesn't want a hug from Mom?

20/21 :Tub time

Tandem feeding, tandem bath.

21 /21: Practice makes perfect

21/21 :Practice makes perfect

Even the breastfeeding pros get distracted sometimes.