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These Photos of Moms Breastfeeding 2 Kids at Once Prove Mothers Are Badasses

As anyone who has done it knows, breastfeeding (one baby alone!) isn’t always a stroll through the park. But breastfeeding two children at once?! Sounds overwhelming, to say the least. That said, throwing two babies into the mix is a challenge plenty of twin moms and moms of baby-toddler breastfeeding siblings take on with grace, strength, and general badassery. They’ve managed to strike a balance, and they’ve done it so beautifully that these photos of them tandem breastfeeding are absolute works of art.

Plus, breastfeeding has a ton of health benefits — for the breastfeeder and the breastfeedee. Gynecologist Dr. Alison Stuebe told SheKnows that “breastfeeding does stuff to moms’ physiology that confers health benefits… We need to make sure all women have access to resources that make it possible for them to breastfeed. We want every mom to have complete information to make an informed decision. And we also need to recognize some women are not going to find breastfeeding works for them, even with all the systems of support, and we need to be fine with that and respect each woman’s decision.”

And that goes for a woman’s decision to engage in extended breastfeeding and tandem breastfeeding with, say, her newborn and her preschooler at the same time — like the true badass on Slide 12.

A version of this story was originally published in August of 2016.

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