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These parents are calling out the ‘sham’ of perfect parenthood with photos of their kids

The chasm between what parenting looks like on TV, in magazines and on social media and how it looks in our real lives is seriously vast. You may go into the experience expecting it to look a certain way, and when it inevitably doesn’t, it’s easy to feel like a failure. Why aren’t your children well-groomed and perfectly silent? Why is everything in your house sticky? Does everyone feel like just sitting down for a monthlong cry?

The truth is, parenting can look like so many different things: It’s tears and blood and sticky kisses; it’s unrelenting chaos and unspeakable joy. It can be everything at once, or one seemingly insurmountable moment at a time. But the one thing it never is, is perfect. Enter The Sham of the Perfect.

Part photo series, part community, The Sham of the Perfect aims to draw back the curtain of what we think parenting should look like so that we can see what it really is.

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