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Blac Chyna, Alanis Morissette & other celebrity moms who got very naked while very pregnant

In 1991, Demi Moore sparked a revolution when she posed pregnant and naked on the cover of Vanity Fair. Her confident stance and defiant gaze radiated strength and sexuality, and practically overnight, a beautiful baby bump became a feature that celebrities no longer felt the need to conceal. If anything, the exact opposite has happened in the years since that scandalous cover. More and more celebs are opting to bare all while pregnant. They’re posing for major magazine covers like Vogue, Marie Claire, Ebony and W magazine. They’re shedding their clothing at home and taking gorgeous pregnant selfies that millions of fans are sharing and loving on Instagram. 

Naked pregnant photo shoots are less a trend than they are a way of life for celebrities. These celebs felt so confident and secure about their bodies while pregnant that they shared the wealth with the rest of us — and have, in turn, inspired us to view pregnancy as an even more beautiful and, yes, even glam, chapter of our lives. 

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