13 hilarious kids who know Mommy really loves her wine

by Molly Ade
Jul 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. ET
kid drawing mom wine
Image: SheKnows

We all love a glass of wine at the end of a stressful day, and according to these kids, their moms really love a glass of wine.

Obviously this is a case of a well-intentioned child's drawing, which accidentally turned inappropriate, but that doesn't mean it can't make us giggle. Moms, don't you worry, your kids will get it... one day.

1 /13: Taste in brands

1/13 :Taste in brands

Wine is a lifestyle, not a drink.

2 /13: Potential New Year's resolutions

2/13 :Potential New Year's resolutions

Though, we know how well those always go...

3 /13: A biography of sorts

3/13 :A biography of sorts

Wine and toast, a classic pair.

4 /13: Wine in fashion

4/13 :Wine in fashion

Got wine: A statement, not a question.

5 /13: Homework assignment gone awry

5/13 :Homework assignment gone awry

Well... she's not wrong.

6 /13: Slight overexaggeration

6/13 :Slight overexaggeration

Okay, that wine glass looks too big to be real.

7 /13: A fun day at the beach

7/13 :A fun day at the beach

As far as kids know, wine can go with you wherever.

8 /13: A whole bunch of insight

8/13 :A whole bunch of insight

You have one glass of wine, and all of a sudden you're 15 again and doing stuff for a living.

9 /13: Red or white?

9/13 :Red or white?

She knows you're a red mom.

10 /13: Grocery list essential

10/13 :Grocery list essential

C'mon, let's skip the disposable cups and get the real glass deal.

11 /13: Mom's priorities

11/13 :Mom's priorities

Some moms put wine second, not first.

12 /13: Wine mom in training

12/13 :Wine mom in training

When playing restaurant, one needs wine. 

13 /13: Future hopes and dreams

13/13 :Future hopes and dreams

Maybe when she grows up, she'll drink wine and drink win!