20 ways to predict what gender your baby will be, according to old wives' tales

Jul 22, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. ET
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To see or not to see? That is the question... that a lot of parents have to answer at that 20-week ultrasound when your fetus finally has junk to sport. Some parents go with no, opting to warm the bench for Team Yellow, while others will jump on the chance to nail down a nursery color scheme. Whether you don't want to know but don't mind speculating, want to know but have a cross-legged baby, or already know and just need a way to pass the time on bed rest, here are 20 old wives' tales that claim to be able to tell you whether you're carrying a girl or a boy.

1 /21: Linea nigra

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1/21 :Linea nigra

2 /21: Ring on a string

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2/21 :Ring on a string

3 /21: Morning sickness

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3/21 :Morning sickness

4 /21: Headaches

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4/21 :Headaches

5 /21: High or low

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5/21 :High or low

6 /21: Heart rate

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6/21 :Heart rate

7 /21: The fairest of all

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7/21 :The fairest of all

8 /21: Breast impression

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8/21 :Breast impression

9 /21: The secret language of cravings

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9/21 :The secret language of cravings

10 /21: Pee prediction

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10/21 :Pee prediction

11 /21: Bad mood

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11/21 :Bad mood

12 /21: A case of cold feet?

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12/21 :A case of cold feet?

13 /21: Gracefulness

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13/21 :Gracefulness

14 /21: Acne

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14/21 :Acne

15 /21: Chinese gender chart

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15/21 :Chinese gender chart

16 /21: It's all in the nipple

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16/21 :It's all in the nipple

17 /21: What Dad does

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17/21 :What Dad does

18 /21: The toddler test

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18/21 :The toddler test

19 /21: What side are you on?

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19/21 :What side are you on?

20 /21: Old-fashioned intuition

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20/21 :Old-fashioned intuition

21 /21: How to predict a baby's gender

21/21 :How to predict a baby's gender