These parents turned their kids' drawings into incredible tattoos

by Molly Ade
Jul 11, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. ET

The refrigerator is typically home to the best children's artwork. But what if your kid's art is so great that even the fridge doesn't do it justice? That's where tattoos come in. These parents loved their kids' artwork so much they had it inked on their own bodies. From love notes in their handwriting to adorable animals, check out some of the very best tattoos drawn by kids. 

1 /50: Batman, assemble

1/50 :Batman, assemble

No word on Robin yet.

2 /50: Permanent love note

2/50 :Permanent love note

Do you have anything to tattoo back, Mom?

3 /50: Or an always present reminder

3/50 :Or an always present reminder

This seems to be a common sentiment among kids.

4/50 :Forever young

Our records show that Harrison is still age 4.

5 /50: Parental portrait

5/50 :Parental portrait

Superdad's got great taste in shoes!

6 /50: Holding hands

6/50 :Holding hands

I'll never let go, Jack!

7/50 :Luke was here


8 /50: One big drawing

8/50 :One big drawing


9/50 :Slip to tat

That note's a little too conspicuous to pass in class now.

10 /50: Colorful imagination

10/50 :Colorful imagination

Bird-mammals looked a little different back in my day.

11 /50: Pop of kid color

11/50 :Pop of kid color

It doesn't matter what it is, though it'd be cool if someone would tell us. 

12 /50: Kids' best friend

12/50 :Kids' best friend

This cat went meow, meow, meow, all the way onto Dad's leg.

13 /50: Family portrait

13/50 :Family portrait

Mom doesn't look a day over giant flower.

14 /50: Simply 'Star Wars'-tastic

14/50 :Simply 'Star Wars'-tastic

Boba Fett Boba fun.

15 /50: Doodles for decades

15/50 :Doodles for decades

What's wrong, Frankenstein?

16 /50: An always sticky sticky note

16/50 :An always sticky sticky note

This one won't be falling off anytime soon.

17 /50: Stick figures in action

17/50 :Stick figures in action

No one draws a stick figure quite like a child.

18 /50: Signed artwork

18/50 :Signed artwork

What attention to color and detail!

19 /50: Equal representation

19/50 :Equal representation

The only casualty here is the interrupted high-five.

20 /50: You are my sunshine

20/50 :You are my sunshine

My only sunshine.

21 /50: Hoot of a tattoo

21/50 :Hoot of a tattoo

Can Julian draw us one too?

22 /50: A Damian original

22/50 :A Damian original

And slightly scary one at that.

23 /50: The original calligraphy

23/50 :The original calligraphy

Handwriting really is a lost art form.

24 /50: Three's company

24/50 :Three's company

Buddies forever.

25 /50: Furry friend

25/50 :Furry friend

That roaring? Oh yeah, that's not me — that's my shoulder.

26/50 :Grrrrr

Upside down, right side up, it doesn't matter.

27/50 :Super Tatman

He's always got your back.

28 /50: Straight to the point

28/50 :Straight to the point

For everyone to see.

29 /50: Speed racer

29/50 :Speed racer

Zoom zoom.

30 /50: Oodles of tattoodles

30/50 :Oodles of tattoodles

These kids learned modern art early.

31 /50: Oodles of doodled tattoodles

31/50 :Oodles of doodled tattoodles

And this one is more of an abstract fan.

32 /50: Watercolor scene

32/50 :Watercolor scene

It's raining ink; it's pouring ink.

33 /50: Multi-person production

33/50 :Multi-person production

Three kids + three drawings = artwork.

34 /50: Sharing a hand

34/50 :Sharing a hand

And a heart too.

35 /50: Drawings come to life

35/50 :Drawings come to life

Those are some insane fingers.

36 /50: Colorful hairdo

36/50 :Colorful hairdo

This just in: Frosted tips are back in style.

37 /50: Two peas in a pod

37/50 :Two peas in a pod

That sounds like one winner of a Sunday.

38 /50: Adventure time, tattoo time

38/50 :Adventure time, tattoo time

The resemblance to the real thing is uncanny.

39 /50: Bunch of carrot friends

39/50 :Bunch of carrot friends

And their frog to keep them in tip-top shape.

40 /50: Moving scene

40/50 :Moving scene

The motion arrows were an extra touch.

41/50 :Colorful cone

Maybe don't lick it, though.

42 /50: Squawk squawk

42/50 :Squawk squawk

That's one epic chicken.

43 /50: Showing a lot of love

43/50 :Showing a lot of love

With just a little bit of ink.

44 /50: Not just drawn, but tattooed on

44/50 :Not just drawn, but tattooed on

There's letting your kid draw your tattoo, and then there's letting him tattoo it himself.

45 /50: A whole sleeve of kid art

45/50 :A whole sleeve of kid art

Bet you can't have just one.

46 /50: Striking a fabulous pose

46/50 :Striking a fabulous pose

Maybe it's Maybelline; maybe it's Mom.

47 /50: Old-timey bike

47/50 :Old-timey bike

Me love you long time, like 1870s long time.

48 /50: Very scary monster

48/50 :Very scary monster

Eeek! Scary!

49 /50: The ultimate tattooed dad

49/50 :The ultimate tattooed dad

This guy's been tattooing his son's drawings on himself every year for years!

50/50 :Pin it!

Need ink ideas? Pin it!