53 Christmas Coloring & Activity Pages for Endless Holiday Entertainment

If your family celebrates Christmas, you’re probably well aware that the days leading up to Dec. 25 are a bit… intense. You know, the anticipation for Santa and presents and all. Add in the fact that many kids are out of school for a solid two weeks for winter break — and you’ve got a recipe for chaos right there. 

While it’s fun to have kids home from school in the winter for a little quality time, it’s not healthy for anyone if that “together time” starts to devolve into conflict and whining. The remedy? Keeping the kids occupied — preferably with something constructive, not destructive. These holiday coloring pages and activity sheets are perfect for families for whom Christmas is an annual tradition. You might be surprised just how many hours kids will be kept occupied by coloring; just print these out, grab crayons and prepare to be amazed.

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Originally published March 2014. Updated November 2017.