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Kids Draw the Darndest Things — Like These 35 Phallic Wonders

Remember that scene in Superbad when little Seth was obsessed with filling his lunchbox full of pictures of penises? Turns out the premise of that story wasn’t so far-fetched.

True, most kids aren’t drawing pictures of male genitalia on purpose like Jonah Hill’s character in the crude (yet hilarious) movie, but children are constantly coming up with imaginings that are unintentionally phallic in nature.

And for some reason, we ain’t mad at it.

Sure, all these drawings were meant to be something other than what they appear to be, but that doesn’t make them any less funny. On the contrary, it almost makes them funnier. The little ones can’t seem to understand what we find so hilarious, but maybe they will someday.

Check these out. We dare you not to laugh. 

Originally posted August 2016. Updated August 2017.

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