Autumn coloring pages to keep the kids busy on a rainy fall day

Sep 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Crayons and maple leaves
Image: Aamulya/Getty Images

Crisp fall weather means afternoons spent indoors and restless kids who need something to keep them entertained before you start to go crazy. We're one step ahead of you right there. These simple yet sweet fall coloring pages will get your kiddos excited about the change in the season and give them something to do indoors beyond staying glued to the TV.

You can also print these sheets out to pass out at a class party — because we know you're smart like that.

1 /10: Autumn leaves

Image: SheKnows

1/10 :Autumn leaves

2 /10: Autumn wreath

Image: SheKnows

2/10 :Autumn wreath

3 /10: Raking fall leaves

Image: SheKnows

3/10 :Raking fall leaves

4 /10: Horn of plenty

Image: SheKnows

4/10 :Horn of plenty

5 /10: Fall leaves

Image: SheKnows

5/10 :Fall leaves

6 /10: Man with autumn leaves

Image: SheKnows

6/10 :Man with autumn leaves

7 /10: At the pumpkin farm

Image: SheKnows

7/10 :At the pumpkin farm

8 /10: Scarecrow

Image: SheKnows

8/10 :Scarecrow

9 /10: Basket of apples

Image: SheKnows

9/10 :Basket of apples

10 /10: Maple leaves

Image: SheKnows

10/10 :Maple leaves