23 Patriotic Activity & Coloring Pages to Help Kids Celebrate 4th of July

by SheKnows Editors
May 23, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Print out these fun activity pages to keep kids busy during the summer holidays.

Originally published March 2014. Updated May 2017.

1 /24: Waving American flag

1/24 :Waving American flag

A printable coloring page of Old Glory.

2 /24: 4th of July word search

2/24 :4th of July word search

This 4th of July wordsearch is a challenge for school-age kids.

3 /24: 4th of July fireworks

3/24 :4th of July fireworks

A printable coloring page of festive fireworks.

4 /24: Patriotic parade

4/24 :Patriotic parade

This printable coloring page of an old-timey parade is so cute.

5 /24: Statue of Liberty

5/24 :Statue of Liberty

Teach kids about the Statue of Liberty as they work on this printable coloring page.

6 /24: United States map

6/24 :United States map

Challenge kids to name the 50 states as they color in this printable U.S. map.

7 /24: American flag

7/24 :American flag

Printable coloring page of the stars and stripes.

8 /24: Liberty Bell

8/24 :Liberty Bell

Printable coloring page of the Liberty Bell and its huge crack.

9 /24: Bald eagle

9/24 :Bald eagle

Printable coloring page of a majestic bald eagle.

10 /24: Bald eagle soaring

10/24 :Bald eagle soaring

Printable coloring page of a bald eagle flapping its wings.

11 /24: U.S. flag and fireworks

11/24 :U.S. flag and fireworks

Printable coloring page of the United States flag with bursting fireworks.

12 /24: 4th July firecracker

12/24 :4th July firecracker

What's 4th of July without a firecracker?

13 /24: 4th of July firecracker

13/24 :4th of July firecracker

Printable firecracker coloring page.

14 /24: 4th of July

14/24 :4th of July

Printable 4th of July coloring page with a top hat.

15 /24: Uncle Sam with Flag

15/24 :Uncle Sam with Flag

Printable coloring page of Uncle Sam.

16 /24: 'Which is Different?' game

16/24 :'Which is Different?' game

Little kids will love this printable "Which One is Different?" printable activity sheet game.

17 /24: Uncle Sam

17/24 :Uncle Sam

A fun printable coloring page of kooky Uncle Sam.

18 /24: Flag and a top hat

18/24 :Flag and a top hat

A printable coloring page with a top hat and the United States flag.

19 /24: Find the objects

19/24 :Find the objects

Print this "Find the Hidden Objects" activity page for hours of fun.

20 /24: 4th of July eagle

20/24 :4th of July eagle

This printable 4th of July eagle coloring page is so cute.

21 /24: Drums and stars

21/24 :Drums and stars

Printable patriotic drum coloring page.

22 /24: Kid with fireworks

22/24 :Kid with fireworks

A printable coloring page of a child with some fireworks.

23 /24: Child grilling

23/24 :Child grilling

Printable coloring page of a child at a 4th of July barbecue.

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