27 Fatherhood Quotes That Put the Funny in Father's Day

by Bethany Ramos
Jun 5, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Being a dad isn't all fun and games, but a little sense of humor goes a long way — and these funny quotes about dads and fatherhood in general are hilarious because they totally hit home. 

Originally published June 2013. Updated June 2017.

1/28 :Father knows best

The circle of life applies to fatherhood too.

2/28 :Ignorance is bliss

A face only a father could love… or not.

3/28 :Dad jokes galore

Dads have a funny way of showing their kids love.

4/28 :Daddy's girl

Daughters always have a special place in Dad's heart.

5/28 :New dads get it

Dads and newborns are quite the pair.

6/28 :Helicopter dad

Some dads wish they could protect their kids no matter what.

7/28 :Dad truths

Even celebrities take their father role seriously.

8/28 :That dad perspective

Funny how maturity can make us view our parents with new eyes. 

9/28 :Oh, those teenage years

Thankfully we aren't left with our teenage opinions forever. 

10/28 :Like father, like son

Tell Dad how much you look up to him.

11 /28: It's a marathon, not a sprint

11/28 :It's a marathon, not a sprint

Nobody ever said that a dad's job was easy.

12/28 :Raising the bar

Some dads have very high expectations for their kids. 

13/28 :That nod of approval

Sometimes Dad's love was more genuine than Mom's.

14/28 :Now it all makes sense

A dose of laughter is always good, unless, of course, medicine is really needed.

15/28 :Big shoes to fill

Fathers can be amazing role models.

16/28 :He makes it look easy

Thank Dad for always being there for you.

17/28 :Lead by example

Dad showed us how to love.

18/28 :Those dad jeans, though

1997, we're looking at you.

19 /28: The gift that keeps on giving

19/28 :The gift that keeps on giving

Because Dad always needs at least one more striped tie.

20/28 :Tiny drunk people

And once you make peace with that, you're really gonna enjoy this dad gig.

21/28 :Baby love

Most dads know by now — never say never when it comes to what you'll do for your kids.

22/28 :He deserves a raise


23/28 :A rite of passage

Baby talk is the great equalizer.

24/28 :That new baby smell

He might be on to something.

25 /28: What every dad is thinking

25/28 :What every dad is thinking

Much easier than telling your budding Picasso the truth about his art.

26/28 :Priceless

And this is what makes it all totally worthwhile.

27/28 :No pressure

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

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