Let's face it: Only a mother could love these kid drawings of moms

by Megan Zander
Jun 16, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

When your child draws you a picture, the results may not be accurate, but chances are they will be highly entertaining. And when you happen to be the subject of their artwork, it’s even better.

Whether it’s their developing crayon skills or the fact that kids draw it like they see it, often a child’s picture of their mom is unintentionally hilarious. These kids’ drawings of their moms are pictures only a mother could love, but everyone can laugh about.

1 /14: Mobster mom

1/14 :Mobster mom

This mom looks like the evil villain from a spy movie.

2 /14: Scary mommy

2/14 :Scary mommy

Her eyes follow you wherever you go.

3 /14: Push it

3/14 :Push it

You go, Mom, work that... Oh, it's a lawn mower! (Phew!)

4 /14: Mom's got rhythm

4/14 :Mom's got rhythm

Are those two left feet accidental, or is this kid trying to send a message about Mom's skills on the dance floor?

5 /14: She's watching you

5/14 :She's watching you

Bet this kid never gets away with anything.

6 /14: Superhero mom

6/14 :Superhero mom

When your kid thinks you have the grace of a butterfly — but also the skills of an assassin.

7 /14: Busty mom

7/14 :Busty mom

When your daughter hopes she inherits your bra size.

8 /14: Working mom

8/14 :Working mom

When you work at a hardware store and your child is awful at drawing shovels.

9 /14: It's like looking in a mirror

9/14 :It's like looking in a mirror

If she wasn’t self-conscious about her legs before seeing this drawing, she is now.

10 /14: A for effort

10/14 :A for effort

It’s not bad; it’s just a little scary.

11/14 :Yoga mom

If only moms really could be that flexible.

12 /14: Pink nightmare

12/14 :Pink nightmare

When your mom is also a zombie.

13 /14: Mom's got guts

13/14 :Mom's got guts

Mom looks like she could use a coffee, and maybe a doctor to sew her back up.

14 /14: Night and day

14/14 :Night and day

This child is out to spill all her mom's beauty secrets.