16 Quotes About Dads That Celebrate How Special Fathers Really Are

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What makes someone a good dad? Is it being there for you, from the moment you’re born? Is it modeling strength of character, setting healthy boundaries, providing a shoulder to cry on, or showing affection? As these Father’s Day quotes about dads show, it probably means some or all of these things — plus a whole lot more. The truth is, there’s no one mold for what a “good parent” actually means. A good dad is simply there for you, with his whole heart — through the good times and the bad.

If you need a little help telling your dad (or father figure) just what he means to you this Father’s Day, these quotes ahead are a good place to start. Sure, you appreciate your dad every day of the year — and all good humans deserve a shout-out on the regular — but he’ll appreciate hearing (or reading) it on this special day. Go on — tell him what he means to you.