What mommy brain? 10 printable checklists that will organize you in no time

by Bethany Ramos
Dec 14, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET
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Let's face it, life can get a little hairy — especially when you're a busy mama trying to keep track of things for your whole family. 

But if you ever feel a little frazzled, a good old-fashioned checklist can really be a life-saver. These handy printables will help you tackle some of those crazy life events that come your way — from your first family camping trip to your little sister's bridal shower.

Originally published April 2016. Updated December 2016.

1 /11: House cleaning schedule

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1/11 :House cleaning schedule

Your weekly chore chart, made easy.

2 /11: Baby shower checklist

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2/11 :Baby shower checklist

Everything you need to do to plan the beautiful baby shower your bestie has always dreamed of.

3 /11: Bridal shower checklist

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3/11 :Bridal shower checklist

A well-organized bridal shower minimizes the odds of Bridezilla making an appearance.

4 /11: Birth plan page 1

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4/11 :Birth plan page 1

A printable birth plan worksheet to set a new mom's mind at ease.

5 /11: Birth plan page 2

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5/11 :Birth plan page 2

Keep this handy when the big contractions start to hit.

6 /11: Birth plan page 3

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6/11 :Birth plan page 3

The C-section and postpartum questions every expecting mom needs to consider.

7 /11: Camping checklist

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7/11 :Camping checklist

Because a family camping trip is only fun when you have all your wilderness supplies.

8 /11: Road trip checklist

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8/11 :Road trip checklist

Don't even think about taking the kids on the road without this helpful list.

9 /11: Greatest mom adjectives

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9/11 :Greatest mom adjectives

A little something-something for all the awesome moms out there to hang on the refrigerator.

10 /11: Fire safety checklist

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10/11 :Fire safety checklist

Make fire safety fun by planning an interactive fire drill with the whole family.

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11/11 :Pin it!