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There are photos of a breech baby’s vaginal birth and they’re incredible

Say the words “breech birth” to a pregnant woman, and you can expect the color to drain from her face (right before she disappears to beg her midwife for a C-section).

Breech births can be tricky, but they don’t have to be dangerous — and that’s the message photographer Karyn Loftesness wants to get across with her recent photo shoot.

Mom Raychel had planned to give birth to Silas, her fourth child, at home, but a few days before her due date she discovered he was frank breech. Because her midwives were skilled and experienced in breech birth, Raychel felt comfortable going ahead with a home birth, and Loftesness was there to capture every stage.

Warning: the images you are about to see are graphic, but they are also beautiful and educational. “We feel strongly that they need to be shared to help spread knowledge and awareness about the normalcy and safety of breech birth with a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced provider,” said Loftesness.

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