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Who likes short shorts? These are for all the moms of little girls who don’t

Before you know it, school will be out, and summer vacation will be in full swing, which means longer days, lots of fun and hot weather are just around the corner. In some parts of the country, cold-weather wardrobes have already been tucked away, and the tanks and shorts are being shaken out and tried on. If you have a daughter who’s had a growth spurt or two this school year, chances are high you’ll be on the market for some new shorts soon. If so, prepare to be a little dismayed.

There’s no shortage of shorty shorts, and while those can be cute, they’re not necessarily designed for summer fun. The trend of adult styles being shrunken down to kids’ sizes is by no means a new one, but they aren’t likely to appeal girls and tweens who are less into impractical fashion and more into getting out and active during the summer — or to their parents. If you’re wondering where all the shorts that don’t require a crowbar to get into and a magnifying glass to see are, no worries. You’ve come to the right place.

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