27 DIY Baby Shower Favors That Are So Much Better Than Store-Bought

Baby showers are a pretty joyous occasion — but planning said baby shower? Not so joyous. Because Pinterest perfection is hard, folks. But fear not: we’ve gathered the best DIY baby shower favor and gift ideas around, and these goodies are sure to make you (and your guests) smile. 

That said, before your eyes glaze over looking at all the terrible favor ideas online — and before you devote three weeks to crocheting “bath scrubbies” that look vaguely like misshapen pot holders no one will ever use — relax. Repeat after us: I will not purchase tulle in bulk. And for everyone’s sake, do not go for the pun and give out bags of popcorn that say “About to pop!” (No one is going to eat it. You and I both know that.)

Instead, check out these incredible ideas and get ready to not only get bragging rights for making that shit, but also to make your baby shower the end-all, be-all of baby showers — a model for all baby showers to come. Yep, it’s that epic.

A version of this article was originally published in January 2019.