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‘Where the Wild Things Are’ just came to life in a mom’s incredible photo series

When photographer Robin Chavez went through a divorce, she and her son spent a lot of time healing outside in nature — with him in his beloved wolf costume. “Documenting my son’s love of pretend play and his love of the world around him meant spending a lot of quality time together and we actually strengthened our bond while healing,” Chavez told SheKnows.

“My goal in this series was not just to capture the spirit of a young boy and his love of nature as a child,” she added. “It is also to urge people to think on a deeper level of what we consider ‘wild.’ Is wild the peaceful nature around us and the optimistic spirit of a young boy, or is ‘wild’ actually the very societal norms that attempt to tame us as human beings? In my son’s life during my documentation of him, his world was being flipped upside down to which he had no control, while the trees, the rocks, the seasons all were predictable and constant.”

For her stunning photo series “The Wild Child,” Chavez drew inspiration from the scenery around their home in Spokane Valley, Washington, as well as one of their favorite children’s books, Where the Wild Things Are, and the lost boys of Peter Pan and Lord of the Flies.

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