Mom serves up mind-blowing napkin art in her kids’ lunchbox every day

When Brooklyn mom Nina Levy’s eldest son started preschool in 2006, she began to draw on his napkin “to provide a little reassurance from home and to gain him a bit of extra attention from the teachers who were supervising lunch.” Back then, the napkins were “simpler” — by super talented Levy’s standards, at least — and the mom-of-two was working on them every evening after the sons’ bedtime and while she was “cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry and packing lunches.” Her sons are now 13 and 9 and eat lunch in the school cafeteria, so the napkins aren’t a daily occurrence, but the designs have become more complex.

“When I don’t receive a request, I try to draw something that interests them, ideally something that they have been looking at, playing with, or reading about the day before,” Levy, whose day job is a sculptor, told SheKnows. “At bedtime, we often talk about what would make a good napkin image — some oddly appropriate or ironic combination of characters perhaps. The kids definitely see the napkins as a collaborative project.”