19 DIYs every mom should have in her arsenal

When you’ve got kids, you learn pretty fast that you need to buy in bulk. Not only does it save you money, but it saves you from having to run to the store every time Junior dumps over the bottle of bubble solution or loses yet another bouncy ball down the drain. 

But maybe there’s a better way. Yes, the DIY. Because you know the old saying: Why buy it for 99 cents when you can spend $19.99 on craft supplies to make it? 

Just kidding! Sort of… There can be a cost savings if you DIY some of the more common playthings, from finger paint to play dough, and the process of DIY-ing it can be part of the fun for your family. 

Plus, if you’ve got the supplies on hand, you can always make more when your kids run out! So dive in to learn how to make everything from bouncy balls to puffy paint, sidewalk chalk and even slime!