21 Summer Crafts for When It's Just Too Hot to Play Outside

by SheKnows Parenting Editors
Jun 7, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Ah, the freedom and fun of summer. It's definitely the season for kids to be outdoors running in the sprinklers and splashing in the pool — but sometimes it just gets too hot.

These summer crafts are the perfect projects for keeping kids busy when temperatures are too high for them to run around in the yard.

Updated by Sarah Long on 6/7/17.

1 /22: Animal print flip-flops

1/22 :Animal print flip-flops

With some black foam and waterproof glue, these flip-flops are so easy to make and so cute to wear at the beach.

2 /22: Backyard water blob

2/22 :Backyard water blob

Who knew a plastic drop cloth and some creativity could keep kids busy in the backyard for hours?

3 /22: Clothespin airplane

3/22 :Clothespin airplane

A cute, cheap and easy craft to beat the inevitable out-of-school boredom.

4 /22: Dinosaur garden

4/22 :Dinosaur garden

All kids love imaginative play. Teach them about plant care while working together to create a miniature landscape that includes dinosaurs, fairies or whatever they like.

5 /22: DIY kite craft

5/22 :DIY kite craft

Using items around the house, you can create a great kite that will follow your kids anywhere! This DIY walking kite craft is perfect for little ones.

6 /22: Exploding chalk paint

6/22 :Exploding chalk paint

This messy (in a good way) sidewalk project will make kids forget all about the heat.

7 /22: Erupting rainbow

7/22 :Erupting rainbow

As long as you're prepared for the color-splosion, this educational project is too cute to not try at least once.

8 /22: Flower crown

8/22 :Flower crown

The perfectly adorable DIY accessory for an impromptu backyard picnic.

9 /22: Garden art craft

9/22 :Garden art craft

Get outside with your kids, and turn ordinary terra-cotta pots into extraordinary colorful art. This DIY planter project is simple and so much fun. Find out how to create your own garden art.

10 /22: Indoor terrarium craft

10/22 :Indoor terrarium craft

Bring a little nature indoors this season by creating a terrarium. This little indoor terrarium craft is simple but a whole lot of fun. Plus it's a great way to introduce your kids to gardening.

11 /22: Kaleidoscope craft

11/22 :Kaleidoscope craft

Spend the morning kaleidoscope crafting and the afternoon peering and imagining in the backyard.

12 /22: Lightbulb bumblebee craft

12/22 :Lightbulb bumblebee craft

These adorable lightbulb bumblebees are easy to make with just a few supplies. Spend the afternoon making these cute bees and other spring crafts for kids.

13 /22: Milk carton herb garden

13/22 :Milk carton herb garden

Fun to make and just as fun to watch them grow.

14 /22: Paint-splattered murals

14/22 :Paint-splattered murals

Set up a safe space on the back porch, and let those inner Picassos loose.

15 /22: Permanent sandcastle

15/22 :Permanent sandcastle

Because kids are always begging to bring home sand from the beach.

16 /22: Rainy day crafts

16/22 :Rainy day crafts

For those days when the spring weather has brought in a few showers, keep your kids busy with these special rainy day crafts. From a cloud mobile to a raindrop banner, they're sure to love them all.

17 /22: Rock garden monsters

17/22 :Rock garden monsters

These cute and colorful rock garden monsters are easy to make with a little paint — and a lot of imagination.

18 /22: Shell jewelry box craft

18/22 :Shell jewelry box craft

You've probably seen those cute shell-covered jewelry boxes in gift shops. Now you and your little ones can make your own. Check out how to make this easy project and other beach crafts for kids.

19 /22: Wine cork crafts

19/22 :Wine cork crafts

Open another bottle of wine, Mom — you deserve it! But save that cork! You can make a variety of cool crafts from wine corks, from silly monsters to boats that really sail.

20 /22: Father's Day crafts

20/22 :Father's Day crafts

Help your little ones create a special keepsake for Daddy this Father's Day. He'll love this handprint tile paperweight or any of these other adorable Father's Day crafts.

21 /22: 4th of July crafts

21/22 :4th of July crafts

Independence Day will be here before you know it. Gear up for 4th of July by creating red, white and blue crafts with your kids. From a star wand to a tissue paper wreath, all of these 4th of July crafts are easy and fun to make.

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