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25 Real Detention Slips So Funny, They Almost Make Us Miss School

Remember how horrible it was back in the day to get that dreaded detention slip? I mean, we were already forced to be at school for seven to eight hours out of every day — tacking more time onto that just seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. But now that we’re older and have lived to tell the (harrowing) tale, being stuck in detention can seem kind of comical. 

Yes, detention is no fun, but sometimes it’s worth suffering through if it means having an epic story to tell after — or, you know, transcending those school clique boundaries to form unexpected friendships. That happens, right?

Ahead are 25 hysterical detention slips for bad deeds that were surely enough to make these kids’ friends (and probably parents) split their sides laughing.


Originally posted April 2016. Updated August 2017.

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