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If you just gave birth, avoid these movies at all costs

As a writer and professor in theater and film, I watch a lot of movies. But some of my favorite movies have become unbearable since I became a mom just two months ago. It’s like all of the dark and scary things have become even darker and downright terrifying! Now that I have a child of my own, any movie having to do with kids in jeopardy, aging/ill parents or a devastated world feel too real and upsetting… and let’s face it — most good movies have at least one of those things going for it.  

Add to that the emotional cyclone that is raging inside my postpartum body, and I’m a perfect storm of over-sensitivity.

Unfortunately, each of the following films has had me breaking out the tissue and crying a river on my (very patient) husband’s shoulder. If you’re a new or sensitive mom, take my advice and avoid them at all costs.

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