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Breathtaking photos capture baby’s birth in a parking lot

The moment a woman realizes she is going into labor can be all kinds of things at once — extremely joyous, a little frightening but always exciting. No matter how many times you do it, it’s heady and intoxicating, because it’s the moment that signifies the point of no return: Your baby is coming. Get ready. It could be a long night.

For Florida mom of three Paula, however, it wasn’t such a long night. Once her daughter Daniella decided to make her entrance, there was no stopping her, and Paula’s rapid delivery meant that she met her daughter for the first time in the parking lot right outside of the hospital. Paulina Splechta, of Paulina Splechta Birth and Motherhood Photography captured every breathtaking moment of the journey in a series of powerful photographs and told SheKnows that this particularly birth story is remarkable in more ways than one.

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