Watch a mom watching her surrogate give birth to her baby in stunning photos

by Monica Beyer
Apr 6, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Kim Overton had battled uterine fibroids and questioned her ability to bear a child, but through her successful journey to become a solo starter (a woman who chooses to have a baby without a partner), her family grew to two. However, just a few short years later, she received the priceless gift of surrogacy from her cousin's daughter, Cydnee. With her new husband by her side, her family blossomed to five.

Their story is a gorgeous one and is beautifully documented on Kim's blog. The path to a successful surrogacy can be a difficult one, but as Kim shares, it's beautiful and rewarding. And once her son, Oliver, was ready to make his appearance, Leilani Rogers (an Austin, Texas, birth photographer) was on to capture these priceless moments. 

We dare you to flip through these amazing birth photos without shedding a tear.

1 /12: First look at new baby

1/12 :First look at new baby

Kim and her husband are overcome with emotion when they glimpse Oliver emerging.

2/12 :Just born

Welcome to the world, Oliver.

3 /12: Thankful for surrogacy

3/12 :Thankful for surrogacy

The pure joy on Kim's face — priceless.

4 /12: Newborn baby smiles

4/12 :Newborn baby smiles

Skin-to-skin with Baby Oliver. 

5 /12: Meet your new brother

5/12 :Meet your new brother


6 /12: Happy new family

6/12 :Happy new family

What a beautiful, happy family.

7 /12: Meet your new grandson

7/12 :Meet your new grandson

Hello, Grandma! Also, Cydnee's boyfriend meets Oliver.

8 /12: Congrats on new baby

8/12 :Congrats on new baby

Cydnee's mother congratulates the new family.

9 /12: Healthy newborn baby

9/12 :Healthy newborn baby

Here, Oliver is being looked over.

10 /12: Thank you for the gift of surrogacy

10/12 :Thank you for the gift of surrogacy

This joyful, happy family is overflowing with love.

11 /12: A mother's love

11/12 :A mother's love

Cydnee's mom loves on her daughter.

12 /12: Surrogate and intended mother embrace

12/12 :Surrogate and intended mother embrace

Kim and Cydnee embrace with an outpouring of love.