30 Quotes About Sportsmanship That Teach Kids Important Lessons

by Julie Evans
Oct 19, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. ET

While leading a family full of kids who are in involved in a million different after-school sports is hectic AF, we can't deny the fact that there are so many positive reasons parents continue to shuttle them back and forth to practice. Of course sports keep kids active, which is great, but they also teach them about fairness and playing by the rules.

Whether or not kids are athletes, playing casual games or even observing sporting events can help them learn the importance of being poised in victory and gracious in defeat. Sportsmanship is an important value and one that will help kids throughout their adult lives. Kids who learn sportsmanship won't all grow up to be Olympians, but they will all grow up to experience both achievement and failure. So they might as well learn to ride those waves well.

Here are 30 inspirational quotes to share with your kids — and remind them what sports are really all about. 

Originally posted March 2016. Updated October 2017.

1/31 :Victory

Scores get forgotten; your actions don't.

2/31 :Your response

It's all up to you. 

3/31 :A class act

What a fantstic habit to have. 

4/31 :Walking off the court

A good one to share with kids. 

5/31 :Playing yourself

It's all about you.

6/31 :Class

Don't be so focused on your goal that you forget others. 

7/31 :Be fair

Simple, but so important. 

8/31 :Giving your all

What will you be remembered for?

9/31 :Determination

It makes all the difference.

10/31 :Spirit

It's all about what's inside you.

11/31 :The will

How bad do you want it?

12/31 :Opportunity

Those lucky enough to be able to play should know how lucky they are.

13/31 :Get up

What will you do?

14/31 :Practice

Preparation is dedication.

15/31 :Appearences

Don't let fear of failure defeat you.

16/31 :Whine not

A new mantra for any kid.

17/31 :100 percent true

You get nothing if you don't try.

18/31 :No regrets

Always give your best. 

19/31 :It's all in your head

Sports are all head games. 

20/31 :Losing to win

Failure leads to success.

21/31 :Memories

Who needs trophies?

22/31 :Quitting

Quitters never win.

23/31 :No excuses

Work hard.

24/31 :Team work

All for one. 

25/31 :Practice what you preach


26/31 :The 5 S's

How strong is your spirit?

27/31 :Love of the game


28/31 :Dropping the ball

So true. 

29/31 :Second wind

How far can you go?

30/31 :Preparation

Do the work. 

31/31 :Sportsmanship quotes

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