We Seriously Can't Stop Laughing at These Notes Kids Left for Their Teachers

by Megan Zander
Aug 10, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

You gotta give it up to teachers, because Lord knows they put up with more stress than almost any other profession out there. There's bureaucratic red tape to deal with, meddling parents (yes, we've all had our turn doing it), clashing personalities, art project messes, and dozens of little bodies buzzing with energy to deal with all day, every day. But sometimes the students make it all worthwhile with the funny little moments they provide.

Case in point: These hilariously hopeful notes kids wrote on their assignments. How could a teacher read them and not crack up? The sayings "kids say the darndest things" and "from the mouths of babes" didn't come out of thin air, and these little musings are definitive proof.

If you can read through all of these little messages left behind for teach without busting up, you might not be human. 

Originally published August 2016. Updated August 2017.

1 /25: Wink, wink

1/25 :Wink, wink

Five bucks isn’t bad for a single paper.

2 /25: Happy, hairy pirate

2/25 :Happy, hairy pirate

This saucy pirate with detailed leg hairs has got to be worth extra credit.

3 /25: Connect the dots

3/25 :Connect the dots

When this student leaves an assignment for the teacher, they both win.

4 /25: James Bond

4/25 :James Bond

What makes this so awesome is the fact that .007 is the correct answer.

5 /25: Lost the train of thought

5/25 :Lost the train of thought

This student knows how to make the most of blanking on an exam.

6 /25: A detailed image

6/25 :A detailed image

What this kid lacks in drawing skills he makes up for by having a great memory.

7 /25: Rhyme time

7/25 :Rhyme time

Let’s hope this teacher didn’t laugh out loud in class while grading.

8 /25: Creepy

8/25 :Creepy

Do you think this scary squirrel was enough to earn them a passing grade?

9/25 :Nice try

If this worked on teachers, no one would ever study again.

10 /25: Rules are rules

10/25 :Rules are rules

Pretty sure someone watched Fight Club instead of studying for their science test.

11 /25: Hungry, hungry hippo

11/25 :Hungry, hungry hippo

The teacher did the only thing you can do when you meet a hungry hippo — feed him.

12 /25: 1,2... 6?

12/25 :1,2... 6?

This question appeared right after No. 2, so the kid is right — call 6 a cab.

13 /25: Sports fans

13/25 :Sports fans

Everyone knows it wasn’t the Red Sox. 

14 /25: Chuck Norris

14/25 :Chuck Norris

When in doubt during a test, Chuck Norris is as good a guess as any.

15 /25: Sink or swim

15/25 :Sink or swim

While not technically true, a little cardio never hurt anyone.

16 /25: Ode to math

16/25 :Ode to math

This is what happens when you’re the first one done with the test.

17 /25: Jedi mind trick

17/25 :Jedi mind trick

Well, that’s one way to ask the teacher for help.

18 /25: Warnings from Washington

18/25 :Warnings from Washington

Great advice, but not from Mr. Washington.

19 /25: Check out these references

19/25 :Check out these references

Don’t know if this stands for "no" or "non-applicable," but either way, it’s a bold way to end a paper.

20 /25: How to get a good grade

20/25 :How to get a good grade

Respect the ninja teach, respect the ninja.

21 /25: A for honesty

21/25 :A for honesty

A final is the one time you can be really honest with your professor.

22/25 :No

Third-graders are going to do what they want to do.

23 /25: Excellent memory

23/25 :Excellent memory

Can't blame a kid for trying.

24 /25: Science is sexy

24/25 :Science is sexy

This student just gave their teacher the birds and the bees talk through science.

25 /25: Hi, Dave!

25/25 :Hi, Dave!

In this student’s defense, Dave’s a great name.