25 notes that nail how we all feel about our siblings

by Megan Zander
Mar 28, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Having a brother or sister means loving someone and being annoyed by them at the same time. Siblings are the only people who can truly understand what made your childhood unique and are a big part of what made it so special. These hilarious notes perfectly sum up life with a sibling.

1 /25: Sister and editor

1/25 :Sister and editor

This is what happens when your sister finds your note before your parents do.

2 /25: I mustache you to shave

2/25 :I mustache you to shave

Always trust your sister’s style advice, especially if it’s funny.

3 /25: Baby blues

3/25 :Baby blues

Parents aren’t the only ones who have to adjust to having a new baby.

4 /25: A note of encouragement

4/25 :A note of encouragement

A sister knows just what to say to get you ready to ace a test or what to do if you fail.

5 /25: Wisdom teeth wisdom

5/25 :Wisdom teeth wisdom

Only a sibling can make fun of you and wish you luck on your surgery at the same time.

6 /25: Secret note

6/25 :Secret note

Insults from your younger siblings are always funnier than they should be.

7 /25: Shaving tips

7/25 :Shaving tips

Josh’s future roommates will thank his sister one day.

8/25 :Big demands

Funny things happen when two siblings team up against one.

9 /25: Post-it notes note

9/25 :Post-it notes note

Even on their worst day ever, a sibling will still send you their love.

10 /25: This means war

10/25 :This means war

This is what happens when you refuse to share your ice cream with your sibling.

11 /25: A shocking note

11/25 :A shocking note

Even when they’re not home, siblings will still rat you out.

12 /25: Call a plumber

12/25 :Call a plumber

Siblings know way too much about each other.

13 /25: Revenge is mine

13/25 :Revenge is mine

Siblings get mad, and then they get even.

14 /25: Where's my car?

14/25 :Where's my car?

You can trust your sibling with a lot of things, but apparently car keys aren’t one of them.

15 /25: Watch for raptors

15/25 :Watch for raptors

Brothers have a funny way of saying "I love you."

16/25 :Gross

Brothers get older, but not necessarily more mature.

17 /25: Dear diary

17/25 :Dear diary

They may be enemies now, but they’ll be brothers forever.

18 /25: Good night, sleep tight

18/25 :Good night, sleep tight

Things that happen only when you share a room with your sibling.

19 /25: Beware the spider

19/25 :Beware the spider

Love is not wanting your brother to become Spider-Man.

20 /25: Fitspiration

20/25 :Fitspiration

When your brother asks for ways to motivate him to work out.

21 /25: Sharing is caring

21/25 :Sharing is caring

When it comes to brothers, what’s yours is also theirs.

22 /25: Inside joke

22/25 :Inside joke

Inside jokes are better when they include Brad Pitt.

23 /25: How brothers say goodbye

23/25 :How brothers say goodbye

Leaving for college is the perfect time to finally tell your brother how you really feel.

24 /25: Unwanted houseguest

24/25 :Unwanted houseguest

Siblings have to look out for one another, especially when there are bugs involved.

25 /25: Wanna cup?

25/25 :Wanna cup?

Sweet gesture, or dirt-filled prank? With a sibling, you never know.