21 '80s-inspired onesies you'll wish you could borrow from baby

by Hannah Murphy
Mar 25, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Ground Control to Major Tom: If you're in search of the perfect '80s swagger for your baby, look no further. Whether you want your little one to be pretty in pink or perfectly punk, we've scouted the best '80s-inspired gear for your baby from around the Web. From Bowie to Jon Bon Jovi to "E.T." to "Star Wars," these onesies range from hilarious to adorable and perfectly complement your new baby with your old obsessions.

1 /22: Kiss onesie

1/22 :Kiss onesie

What better way to pay homage to your favorite hair band than to dress your baby in the band's swag? Also, your kid is pretty much asking for more kisses by wearing this Kiss onesie (Rowdy Sprout, $38), so there's that...

2 /22: Pac-Man onesie

2/22 :Pac-Man onesie

This Mrs. Pac-Man onesie (BayouBrooklyn, $22) brings a feminist twist to one of our favorite old-school games. How many of you spent hours and hours running from those pesky ghosts while playing the original Pac-Man?

3 /22: 'Top Gun' onesie

3/22 :'Top Gun' onesie

Who can forget when Tom Cruise played the tough-talking Maverick in Top Gun, in what was only the beginning of the heartthrob's blockbuster career? Not only is this Top Gun-inspired onesie (SweetDahliaShop, $11) the perfect outfit for your little stud, but it's also a reminder of that huge crush you had on Tom Cruise in the '80s, before he got a little weird.

4 /22: Cassette tape onesie

4/22 :Cassette tape onesie

Kids these days will never know the struggle of having to care for cassette tapes, so let's remind them of our harrowing journey with this adorable cassette tape onesie (NDTshirtCompany, $20). Never forget!

5 /22: MTV onesie

5/22 :MTV onesie

Remember when MTV stood for Music Television and played nothing but concerts and music videos? Ah, those were the days... the days before reality TV and pregnant teens took over its once musical airways. This throwback MTV onesie (ThatGirlHarlem, $17) is the perfect reminder of the good ol' days when you could actually listen to music on Music Television.

6 /22: 'Star Wars' onesie

6/22 :'Star Wars' onesie

Star Wars is a cult classic. It's a staple of the '80s, and you will never find more loyal followers than its fans. This Star Wars onesie (VinylKreationz, $13) is the perfect mix of snark and cinematic history and will perfectly complement your sassy baby girl... who may just be named Leia or Rey?

7 /22: Bueller onesie

7/22 :Bueller onesie

Be honest: How many times have you quoted this movie when being ignored? This Bueller onesie (StrangewaysStudio, $15) is the perfect conversation piece to use while stuck in line at the grocery store and answering the pressing questions strangers have about your perfect baby.

8 /22: Bowie onesie

8/22 :Bowie onesie

There will never be another quite like David Bowie. His music was genius; his art was brilliant. Our kids won't have the chance to see him perform, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't start raising them right by playing his music in the background every day and dressing them in his honor. This David Bowie onesie (BApparel, $24) is the perfect tribute to David Bowie.

9 /22: 'Pour some powder on me' onesie

9/22 :'Pour some powder on me' onesie

You're singing the song now, aren't you? This hilarious "Pour some powder on me" outfit (OriginalPunkBaby, $20) offers an adorable twist to a somewhat atrocious song.

10 /22: 'Golden Girls' onesie

10/22 :'Golden Girls' onesie

Um, who could forget one of the greatest shows of all time? No matter which of the ladies was your favorite, you likely stayed up at night to watch the witty banter among the four comedic queens, and there's a good chance that once your child is old enough, the two of you will stay up late together, laughing at your favorite four ladies. In the meantime, this Golden Girls onesie (HappyHeadKids, $19) will have to suffice.

11 /22: 'We Will Rock You' onesie

11/22 :'We Will Rock You' onesie

We owe a huge thanks to Queen for gifting us with the song that will never die, the inspiration behind the Mighty Ducks and the opening ballad at almost every sports arena in the country. Don't pretend you don't know every single word to this song or like it doesn't immediately get you pumped up while drinking your morning coffee. This song isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so odds are your kid is going to love it just as much as you do — you might as well go ahead and start them off right with this Queen onesie (Rowdy Sprout, $38).

12 /22: 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' onesie

12/22 :'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' onesie

This "Nobody puts baby in a corner" onesie (ChamomileAndRoses, $16) reminds us of one of our favorite lines from one of our favorite movies. Dirty Dancing had us all wishing we were Baby Houseman for the sole reason of wanting to be slung around on the dance floor by Patrick Swayze. Rumor has is that a Dirty Dancing remake is in the works, but we've got to admit that it just won't be the same without Swayze. Insert sad face here.

13 /22: 'Breakfast Club' onesie

13/22 :'Breakfast Club' onesie

Remember when The Breakfast Club hit us with all the feels in the '80s? This Breakfast Club onesie (TheCheekyB, $22) puts a comedic twist on one of our favorite '80s movies that momentarily brought all of us together by teaching us that maybe we aren't so different after all. Though the movie itself had nothing to do with breakfast, this outfit is a reminder of the important lesson it taught us.

14 /22: 'AB/CD' onesie

14/22 :'AB/CD' onesie

AC/DC's music will undoubtedly live on forever. This hilarious "AB/CD" onesie (BrooklynBabyTees, $14) puts a funny twist on an iconic group.

15 /22: 'E.T.' onesie

15/22 :'E.T.' onesie

We all wanted our own alien best friend after the cult classic E.T. came out. We were enthralled from the moment we laid eyes on the oddly cute and charismatic little guy, and there's a strong chance we'll pass that love down to our kids. This E.T. onesie (Wumskin, $16) is the perfect tribute to one of our all-time favorites.

16 /22: Ninja Turtles onesie

16/22 :Ninja Turtles onesie

We all had a favorite, and this adorable Ninja Turtles onesie (TheLionsLand, $13) on Etsy offers the option of choosing yours.

17 /22: Bon Jovi onesie

17/22 :Bon Jovi onesie

So what if we all live our life through various quotes from our favorite '80s songs? This Jon Bon Jovi-inspired onesie (SpunkyStork, $20) will immediately take you back to that time you sang your heart out inside your car to "Born to Be My Baby" in 1988.

18 /22: 'Papa Don't Preach' onesie

18/22 :'Papa Don't Preach' onesie

A list of '80s-inspired onesies wouldn't be complete without a Madonna reference. This Madonna song onesie (TwoPaperdollsShop, $20) puts a funny spin on Madge's hit "Papa Don't Preach" and is completely appropriate for those sleepless nights that accompany a new baby.

19 /22: Mr. T onesie

19/22 :Mr. T onesie

This Mr. T onesie (MicieloMicielo, $31) will pity the fool who doesn't remember Mr. T when some kid at the grocery store asks where you got that Kanye West onesie.

20 /22: Journey-inspired onesie

20/22 :Journey-inspired onesie

"Living in a lonely world..." and now it's stuck in your head. You're welcome for that and to showing your baby this awesome Journey-inspired onesie (RagsToRelish, $19).

21 /22: Super Mario onesie

21/22 :Super Mario onesie

Who else out there was obsessed with playing Super Mario and bopping the heads of those evil mushrooms for coins? Though Mario has had many facelifts in the years since its inception, his classic overalls and stache have remained the same. This Mario onesie (PopCultureApparel, $20) is the perfect ode to your favorite video game character.

22/22 :Memory lane

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