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12 crazy-cool toys that can teach your kid how to code

Computer science classes may be popular on college campuses, but what if someone in elementary school wants to learn how to code? If children can learn foreign languages at a young age, they can learn coding language too.

So what exactly is coding? It’s basically computer language. When you code, you’re telling a computer to create something. Code creates things such as websites and mobile apps.

According to Ocado research, more than 70 percent of kids would rather learn to program a robot than to speak a foreign language. Technology will keep advancing, and new gadgets will keep surfacing, which means coding isn’t going away. With President Barack Obama’s new initiative, Computer Science for All, students from K-12 will now have the tools they need to help them succeed in our digital-first world.

A kid can probably figure out how to play with a new toy or use a computer on their own, but they should also understand how a toy or computer is put together.

“Learning to code is more than just learning the language,” Alex Klein, the CEO and co-founder of Kano, a DIY computer kit, tells SheKnows. “It’s important to introduce kids to the fundamental concepts that power the devices they use every day.”

Klein says that coding is not only preparing kids for their futures, but it empowers them to be creative and think about the things that exist in the world.

Coding is educational, so how do you get a kid to code? Check out these coding toys that are so fun your little one might just forget for a second that they’re learning important skills.

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