Printable Snowflake Templates to Get You Through Any Snow Day

Snow can feel pretty magical, right? Even if you don’t have a supernatural talent for sensing its impending arrival à la Lorelai Gilmore, it’s easy to be taken in by the silence that envelops you when you venture out for a beautiful winter walk. And the fact that each flake is completely unique is pretty mind-boggling. That said, all that magic sure starts to wear off — and get replaced by some fierce cabin fever — around day two of being snowed in with your family. Kids start to get restless and squirmy, and those pleasant “silent nights” can easily transform into wails of, “I’m bored!” At this point, is it at all possible to steer your crew back to that peaceful, snow-filled winter wonderland state of mind? Sure it is. All you need are a couple of coloring crafts to keep everyone busy.

The snow-filled templates ahead will extinguish boredom and have kids on their way to creating gorgeous snowflake art. Just make sure to let them run around outside too — whenever you can get your front door open through the drifts, that is.

Originally published March 2014. Updated November 2017.