14 classic toys that look nothing like they did when we were kids

by Stephanie Jade Wong
Mar 25, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. ET

We've all got favorite toys and games from our childhood, but with how fast technology is advancing today, we're slowly seeing more and more classic toys get tweaked with a modern twist.

1 /14: Virtual Reality View-Master

1/14 :Virtual Reality View-Master

The View-Master was a fun toy at one time, but now you can be fully immersed in the virtual reality world with the new View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack (Walmart, $19). Just move around while you're looking through the classic toy and feel like you've been transported to another place. 

2 /14: Twister Moves

2/14 :Twister Moves

Twister can be hilarious to play and watch, but this new version will have you groovin' to the beat. Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots Electronic Dance Game (Walmart, $21) is a light-up dance game where you play to the beat of the music. Get ready to boogie. 

3 /14: LED hula hoop

3/14 :LED hula hoop

Make a hula hoop more fun with one that has LED lights in it. Moodhoops LED hula hoops (Moodhoops, $109) will help you light up your night. 

4 /14: Uno Roboto

4/14 :Uno Roboto

Uno can get boring after a while, but Uno Roboto (Amazon, $28) is a fun, new spin on the game. A robot helps you customize the card game, so get ready to wow your family and friends with this one on game night!

5 /14: Furbacca

5/14 :Furbacca

This one's for Star Wars fans and Furby fanatics. Furbacca (Hasbro, $80) is the best of both worlds.

6 /14: Wired Etch-A-Sketch

6/14 :Wired Etch-A-Sketch

Did you used to wish that your Etch-A-Sketch was bigger? Now, you can project your drawings onto your TV screen with Wired Etch-A-Sketch (Amazon, $18). 

7 /14: ThingMaker 3D Printer

7/14 :ThingMaker 3D Printer

3D printers aren't just for adults, and this '60s toy resembles the classic version in name only. With the new Mattel ThingMaker 3D printer, (Amazon, $300) you can create toys that come to life. Design, print and then play! 

8 /14: Monopoly Revolution

8/14 :Monopoly Revolution

Make a quiet game more fun with music and sound effects. Monopoly Revolution (Amazon, $59) is just like the original Monopoly, except with more of a modern flair. Oh, and the money is managed electronically. So no more sneaking your sibling's bills onto your pile when they're not looking. 

9 /14: Tamagotchi

9/14 :Tamagotchi

Were you on Team Tamagotchi? Now it's even better than in years past. You not only still raise your virtual buddy, but now you can send text messages to a friend who also has a Tamagotchi (ToyWiz, $25), send gifts and go on play dates! Tamagotchi party, anyone?

10 /14: Rubik's Futuro Cube

10/14 :Rubik's Futuro Cube

This isn't a typical Rubik's Cube, this is a motion-sensored gaming cube. The Rubik's Futuro Cube (FuturoCubeUSA, $100) lets you play by yourself or challenge friends. If you don't like the games on the cube already, you can create your own!

11 /14: Cabbage Patch Kids

11/14 :Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are getting cooler by the minute. The CPK Baby So Real dolls have LCD eyes, sensors on certain body parts, can talk and even have a corresponding app. The doll can connect to Bluetooth for a phone or tablet. Talk about a new, high-tech baby! They'll be available in fall 2016 for $100

12 /14: Bop It

12/14 :Bop It

Bop It is fun, but the new Hasbro Bop It will be so much cooler. You're still able to play the classic Bop It, but now you can also play the Action mode, which has 10 new features, and Beat Box, which incorporate sound for expert players. Bop It your way! It'll be available this fall (Hasbro, $20). 

13 /14: Simon Air

13/14 :Simon Air

Test your memory skills with the new Simon Air. It has touch-free technology, and you can play against Simon or with friends. See if your hands are fast enough to win! Simon Air will be available this fall for $20).

14 /14: Love2Learn Elmo

14/14 :Love2Learn Elmo

Who doesn't love Elmo? Kids will still get to laugh along with Elmo's iconic giggle, but with the new Hasbro Love2Learn Elmo, they can laugh and learn. When you download the toy's corresponding app, you can program Elmo to learn information such as your child's name, favorite animals and foods. You can also customize the app to teach your child about different subjects such as letters, numbers, shapes or colors. The new and improved Love2Learn Elmo will be available thsi fall for $70).