These Halloween Treat & Costume Ideas Are Sheer Genius

by Whitney Coy
Sep 28, 2017 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Halloween is like primetime for epic fails — from handing out raisins to trick-or-treaters to Pinterest DIY Halloween goodies gone awry. And don't even get us started on the costumes. For example, sexy costumes for little girls? Yep, those exist. And apparently, some parents are buying them? 

But every now and again, there's a parent or kid who just gets Halloween so right, we want to stand up and give a standing ovation. What's their secret? Pulling together brilliant costumes and treats are perfect for the spooky spirit of the holiday. 

We've rounded up winning costumes for toddler rappers and the (finally!) first female president, plus super-cool Halloween snacks that are terrifyingly healthy. Read on for all the tools you need to be that one house on the block. You know, the cool, creative, just-the-right-amount-of-scary one everyone can't stop talking about — at least until next Halloween.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated September 2017.

1 /15: Macklemore costume

1/15 :Macklemore costume

You haven't seen anything until you've seen a rapping toddler

2 /15: Apple bites

2/15 :Apple bites

Not every seasonal treat has to be cutesy. These creepy mouths are the perfect Halloween snacks for little ones. 

3 /15: Strawberry ghosts

3/15 :Strawberry ghosts

It's easy to get kids to eat fruit when you turn that fruit into ghosts

4 /15: Scientist costume

4/15 :Scientist costume

Don't you also want to look like a scientist for Halloween?

5 /15: Halloween bento box

5/15 :Halloween bento box

This kid was obviously the coolest in the cafeteria that day. 

6 /15: Presidential costume

6/15 :Presidential costume

Every child should get the presidential treatment on Halloween. This one actually did. 

7 /15: Melted crayon pumpkin

7/15 :Melted crayon pumpkin

What kid wouldn't like decorating a pumpkin and destroying some crayons in the process?

8 /15: Old baby costumes

8/15 :Old baby costumes

Could these little old babies be any cuter?

9 /15: Monster house

9/15 :Monster house

These parents managed to have the coolest house on the block without making it too scary for littles. 

10 /15: Wild Thing costume

10/15 :Wild Thing costume

This Wild Thing obviously has some talented parents. 

11 /15: Pretzel broomsticks

11/15 :Pretzel broomsticks

With these simple snacks, make sure all your little darlings are ready to fly when the moon rises. 

12 /15: Graham cracker haunted house

12/15 :Graham cracker haunted house

You know the kids had a blast helping to build this haunted house.

13 /15: Superhero costume

13/15 :Superhero costume

Every kid should get the chance to feel like a superhero. His parents made it happen.

14 /15: Gummy worm punch

14/15 :Gummy worm punch

15 /15: Parents who nailed Halloween

15/15 :Parents who nailed Halloween

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